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Denveras Tautas Deju Kopa Virpulītis

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Founded by the Denver Latvian Youth Group in 1955, the Denver Latvian Folk Dance Ensemble adopted the name Virpulītis in preparation for the Latvian Song Festival in Cleveland in 1968.


Virpulītis translates to "Little Whirlwind" in Latvian, reflecting the energetic and vibrant nature of their performances. Today, the ensemble continues to dance both traditional and modern Latvian folk dances. 


The group is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Latvian folk dances, music, and traditions within the local community.


The group has varied in size from as little as three couples to well over ten couples and is made up of all ages from early teens to early seniors, ranging from new dancers to veterans of decades of dancing.  The group takes anyone wanting to learn Latvian dances.


The current leader of the Ensemble is Aleks Humeyumptewa, having led the group for 36 years.


Interested in dancing? We take anyone and everyone! 

Contact: for info!

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